Help and Support

How Can You Help IHN?

Volunteer Help


WHY ARE VOLUNTEERS IMPORTANT?  Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Network; without them, we could not exist.  Beyond providing meals and staying over night, volunteers offer compassionate assistance to those who have suffered the loss of their home.

Volunteers do simple but valuable things; they talk and listen, treat the guests with respect and respond to them with compassion.  They may also help the families search for housing or employment opportunities.

Congregational Support


WHY SHOULD MY CONGREGATION GET INVOLVED?  HOW CAN WE HELP?  For many congregations, IHNBC has provided a hands-on outreach program that serves the homeless and fosters congregational unity and interfaith cooperation.  Our program is an excellent way for your congregation to witness its faith to your youth and the community at large.


Your congregation may want to open the doors of your facilities to provide overnight shelter and meals, or to assist another congregation during its host week.  Your congregation may want to offer financial support or collect items needed by the homeless families.

Individuals also are encouraged to make financial contributions to support the IHN mission

What Can You Do?

Share…your time

Become a volunteer in our Network to assist homeless families by preparing food, hosting guests in the evening or overnight, playing with children and helping them with homework, or teaching living skills, parenting, home management, budgeting, nutrition and other needed skills.  Your personal gifts and abilities can become special gifts in IHNBC and to struggling families.

Share…your money

Contribute to IHNBC to help fund our program.  We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable organization under IRC 501(c)(3), making your contributions tax deductible.

Share…this information

Share this information with your church leaders and congregation.  Teamwork makes IHN work!

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